Other Vintage Electrics (Europe and Elsewhere…)

This page covers the guitars I have owned from all across Europe and other parts of the world.

  PANaramic                PANaramic         Goya Rangemaster      Morbidoni         “HF” by Crucianelli
Five rare Italian electrics. The first two are variations of the PANaramic 1201B triple cutaway model made by Crucianelli around 1964 or so. The third guitar is a red Goya Rangemaster 116R. The fourth one is a very rare and bizarre 1963 blue sparkle Dega Morbidoni with a pearloid back. The last guitar is anamazing “HF” branded electric manufactured by Crucianelli.


   Bartolini? Gemelli?        Vox Meteor             Elli Sound                    Melody                   Excelsior


Five more Italian-made electrics. The first is likely made by Bartolini or Gemelli from what I can tell (and I’m pretty sure someone added the Eko badge to the headstock, which I suspect came from an amp). The second is a Vox Meteor, which had its input jack redirected to the side (for what reason, I’m not sure). The third guitar here is an “Elli-Sound” electric made by Crucianelli. The fourth is a very rare 1970′s “Melody” single pickup model. The last guitar is an Excelsior “Dyno II” from 1965 (?).

          Egmond                    Egmond                Migma Elektra               Framus                      Klira

The first two here are Egmonds from Holland. The first is a common two-pickup model, and the second
is a rare 3-pickup Egmond “Typhoon” model covered in vinyl with an aluminum strip around the body.
The third guitar is a Migma Elektra Vibromatic from Germany (with a strange German Robert Plant sticker I couldn’t remove.) The fourth guitar is a 1968 Framus Super Strato from Germany with a great “foot” headstock. The last guitar is a nice little Klira solid-body from Germany.

           Eko 100/1                 Eko 100/1                  Eko 200/2                    Melody                    Galanti

Five Italian-made hollowbody electrics. The first two are variations of the Eko 100/1 Model electric, while the third is a Eko 200/2. The third is an extremely rare early Italian “Melody” archtop electric. I can’t remember exactly, but I recall Jack Marchal of Fetishguitars telling me that the may be only a hundred or less of this guitar in the world. The fourth guitar was a beautifully made Guild styled 2 pickup model by Galanti.

              Defil                        Defil                    Defil Malwa         Jolana/Musima?       Jolana/Musima?

The first three guitars here Defil electrics from Poland. The first two were pretty poorly made and had structural issues, and I remember wasting a nice set of Kluson knock-off tuners on that first one in a failed attempt to keep it in tune. That third Deil wasn’t too bad though. The fourth and fifth guitars have no markings at all, so I don’t really know the brands, but they are likely from Eastern Europe or Russia. The third guitar had some of the highest output pickups I have ever encountered; that guitar was LOUD. The last guitar’s neck wobbled a bit in its neck pocket due to a missing neck screw, so I shoved a bolt in the empty screw slot. It cured the wobble, but stuck out a bit… so I used the protruding head as a strap button (there was no upper strap button, and it looked as though there never was one to begin with… strange). My best guess is that they may have been Jolana of Musima electrics.


            Hofner 173                      Hofner 172                   Hofner 164(iv)                       Hofner 450

Four Hofner electrics from Germany. The first is a 1964 model 173 solid-body. The second is a poorly painted mid 1960′s model 172. The third is a fairly uncommon mid-late 1970′s model 164(iv) that sounded incredible. The last is a 1958 model 450 archtop acoustic with an added pickup.

  Framus Hollowbody          Framus Studio        Dallas Tuxedo       Musima Deluxe 25K      Musima Deluxe 25K

The first two guitars here are Framus archtop electrics from Germany. The first is a mid 1960′s Framus (can’t confirm a model name… maybe the Atlantik?). The second is a tiny Framus Studio model from around 1960 with the original Framus pickguard/pickup assembly. The third guitar is this row is about as rare as guitars get. Its a late 1950′s Dallas Tuxedo from London. It was the first solid electric made in England. The last two guitars are early 1970′s Musima Deluxe 25Ks from Germany (DDR). I recall one of them had a vinyl record for the control plate.

             Tonante Fender                 Pether Thana               Jolana Galaxis        Jolana “Diamant Bas”

Now here are four electrics you likely have never seen. The first guitar is an electric semi-solid from Brazil called a “Tonante Fender”. The second guitar here is a real mystery. The headstock says “MADE BY PETER PEREIRA THANA-1″ and after searching around a bit, it seems there is a man named Peter Pereira in Mumbai, India that makes musical instruments, so my best guess is that it was made in India (by Peter?). The third is a Czechoslovakian “Jolana Galaxis from around 1980. The last guitar here is a Jolana “Diamant Bas” electric bass from Czechoslovakia and was probably made around 1980.

                Hagstrom II

A 1963 Hagstrom II from Sweden with one of the thinnest necks I have ever come across!

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